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Whistleblowing for different industries

Banking & Finance

A whistleblower service is indispensable to combating money laundering, corruption and financial irregularities, promoting transparency and trust in the financial sector.

Construction & Real Estate

Whistleblower services are essential for reporting deficiencies in construction safety, procurement corruption and violations of environmental regulations, ensuring a safe and sustainable construction and property sector.

Consulting company

In the consulting and advisory industry, a whistleblower service is important to handle reports of unethical behavior, conflicts of interest and unfair fees, ensuring business ethics and quality.

Energy & environment

With a whistleblower service, reports of emissions, pollution and violations of environmental regulations can be quickly identified and addressed, strengthening sustainability and environmental protection in the energy sector.


In the FMCG industry, the whistleblower service is essential for reporting food safety, hygiene violations and unethical behavior, ensuring quality and safety for consumers.

Games & betting

A whistleblower service is necessary to deal with reports of irregularities, gambling addiction and unethical gambling practices in the gambling and betting industry, promoting fair and responsible gambling.

Health care

Whistleblower service is important for handling reports of patient safety, medical malpractice and unauthorized use of patient data, ensuring quality and integrity in healthcare.

IT technology

Whistleblower service is necessary to handle reports of data protection breaches, privacy breaches and security holes, increasing IT security and protecting customer data.

Manufacturing & raw materials

By implementing a whistleblower service, the manufacturing and raw materials industry can quickly identify and address issues related to production quality, workplace safety and sustainability issues. This strengthens quality control, the safety of workers and the sustainability of the production process, which in turn contributes to a more responsible and efficient operation.

Media & entertainment

With a whistleblower service, reports of ethically questionable content, copyright infringement and inappropriate behavior in media and entertainment can be handled, strengthening the integrity and quality of content.

Public sector

With a whistleblower service, reports of misconduct, corruption and mismanagement in the public sector can be quickly noticed and addressed, strengthening credibility and efficiency.

Retail & e-commerce

In the retail industry, a whistleblower service is essential for handling reports of theft, fraud and health and safety related issues, promoting trust and safety for both customers and employees.

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