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Whistleblowing platform

The new whistleblower directive comes with new requirements. We make sure that your company meets all legal requirements, where you don't have to do anything.without you having to do anything - we take care of everything.

Juridium & Tissla förnyar arbetsplatsen med innovativt samarbete

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One web link, then you are compliant

We offer the smoothest and fastest implementation in the market. All you need to do i publish a web link to our platform, and then you're fully compliant. We'll handle the rest.

Through our link you will get

Whistleblower policy

We publish your policies and routines for whistleblowing in the web link, simple as that.

Whistleblower function

The regulation requires that you offer whistleblowers a physical, oral and written channel for reporting. Our link includes all of them in one place.

Reception function

Let us handle your cases. Since the regulation requires impartial case handling, this is usually the recommend and the only way to do it.

We are unique in offering physical meetings with whistleblowers throughout Sweden.

How to be fully compliant

Simply creating an email address or implementing a whistleblower policy is not always enough to ensure compliance. The Whistleblower Act places high demands on confidentiality, security and correct handling of cases. Complying with legislation does not always require complicated or expensive solutions; an effective whistleblower platform should be easy to use and meet the legal requirements at the same time. Below is the Swedish implementation and requirements of the EU regulation.

Whistleblower policy

Policies and procedures to inform the organization about how whistle-blowing should look and what protection it provides employees and others.

Whistleblower function

Technical and physical systems for reporting, follow-up and management, also verbal and physical reporting channels.

Case handling

Independent handling of whistleblowing, quick response response and decision making.


Let our lawyers handle and monitor your cases according to the regulations. You pay a fixed price, nothing more.  We make sure that you follow the regulations.

0-99 employees

790 SEK/month

SEK 0 starting fee

All reporting channels required by law

Handling of unlimited amount of cases

Personalized support

>249 employees


Starting fee in offer

All reporting channels required by law

Handling of unlimited amount of cases​

Personalized support

100-249 employees

1190 SEK/month

SEK 0 starting fee

All reporting channels required by law

Handling and investigation of unlimited amount of cases

Personalized support

We are unique in offering investigation as a part of the fixed price.

Reports need to be reviewed within 7 days. Thereafter, we'll provide you with a recommendation. If the case needs to be investigated, you have 3 months to complete it.


In our larger package you will get the investigation included in the fixed price, no matter the number of cases we investigate. In the smaller package you'll get unlimited amount of case reviews, and have to pay on a case by case if it needs investigation.

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Be compliant in minutes

Our whistleblower service is a comprehensive solution that offers your employees and stakeholders a safe and secure way to blow the whistle, so that you as a company comply with the new law. We set up a web portal, a telephone number, a mail channel and a physical channel where cases can be reported. We ensure that feedback on the matter takes place within the statutory time frame.

The matter is handled in a secure and encrypted system. We act as case managers and conduct a dialogue between you and the whistleblower. By law, the whistleblower has the option of being anonymous.

Our whistleblower system

Web platform

Save time and focus, let us monitor your cases. All cases need to be followed up at different time intervals, we make sure this is followed.

Telephone line

The whistleblower has the opportunity to report cases through our phone line.

Mail & meetings

Employees can report by mail to our office, or schedule a physical meeting anywhere in Sweden with our network of lawyers. A requirement by law.

This is included

Policies & routines

We establish a document for your organization that complies with whistleblowing regulations. You just upload it to your intranet and inform employees with our presentation material.

Oral, physical meetings and mail (legal requirement)

We are responsible for all reporting channels: oral channel via phone, mail and physical meetings all over Sweden, all required by the regulation.

Web portal

With a link to your own reporting system, everyone in your organization gets a safe, secure and anonymous reporting channel.


Finally, we compile a recommendation on what the next step regarding whistleblowing is and let you know.

Monitoring & management

We monitor and handle incoming whistleblowing and initiate contact with the whistleblower to gather the necessary information.

Every language

Our platform supports all languages. This entails increased usability for whistleblowers something the regulation calls for.

Why is this needed?

Regulation updates 17 Dec 2023

In 2019, the EU whistleblower directive was introduced to keep track of everyone's compliance with EU rules and protect those who report wrongdoing. In Sweden, the directive was introduced as a law (2021:890) known as the whistleblower law, to protect individuals who report misconduct. On 17 December 2023, a requirement to have systems and policies for whistle-blowing will be introduced for all companies with over 50 employees.

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Customer case


Because we are growing quickly, we have been talking to the Swedish Work Environment Agency about the Whistleblower Act in particular. Shortly afterwards we emailed Tissla and two days later we had our internal policy set up and a reporting channel for whistleblowing. Professional and flexible - highly recommend.

Christopher, CFO Bilnet


Whistle Blowing & industries

Whistleblowing is a cross-industry practice where individuals disclose internal wrongdoing or illegal activities. It occurs in areas such as companies, the public sector, healthcare and finance. This may look different in different industries.

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