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Privacy Policy

Integrity policy

Responsibility for personal data

The following policy pertains to the processing of personal data by Tissla AB, organisation number 559450-3970, ("we", "our", "us", "Tissla", "the company"), is responsible for the processing of personal data.

Data protection officer for Tissla AB is Vidar Duvnäs, For mailing please reach out to our offices at HelioWorks, Sundbybergs Torg 1, 172 69 Sundbyberg, Sweden.

Our personal data processing

Purpose and legal basis

Specific terms apply to the use of our digital services. Your employer, our customer, has registered you as a user for one or more of Tissla's digital tools. Tissla processes your personal data, including name and email address, based on a legitimate interest, to provide the service to our customer (your employer). We may share your information with our partners to deliver the service.

Your rights as a data subject

The following statements outline the rights that data subjects (users of your digital services) have concerning their personal data. These rights are consistent with data protection regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. It's important to clearly inform users about their rights in your privacy policy to ensure transparency and compliance with data privacy laws.

As a user of our digital services, you have the right:

  • To object to processing based on legitimate interest.

  • To request an overview of the personal data the company processes and how it is handled.

  • To request correction of inaccurate data.

  • To request deletion. However, this can only be done if the company has no legal grounds to retain the data.

  • To request processing limitations under certain circumstances, such as during the investigation of data accuracy.

  • To request data portability.

  • To object to profiling.

Storage of personal data

The processing duration of your personal data depends on the nature of our relationship and the role in which your data is processed. Generally, personal data will not be processed longer than necessary for the purpose for which it was collected. We will process your personal data for as long as required to provide our services, with valid consent, or as legally obligated.

Processing of personal data

User in our digital services:

  • Purpose and description: We process your information to provide the current service.

  • Personal data: Name, email, personal identification number.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest in fulfilling commitments towards your employer.

Customer matters:

  • Purpose and description: The purpose is to provide our services according to the agreement with the customer. This might involve processing personal data related to the customer, counterpart, and other contacts.

  • Personal data: Name, phone number, job title, address, email, personal data. Other personal data might be processed depending on the nature of the matter.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest, legal obligation, and contract.

Contact through website or other means:

  • Purpose and description: When you contact us through a form on the website or directly through our employees, we process your personal data to handle your current query. We might also use your contact details for marketing purposes, sending offers and newsletters.

  • Personal data: Name, phone number, address, email.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest.

Job Application:

  • Purpose and description: We process your personal data to assess you in the context of the recruitment process.

  • Personal data: Name, phone number, address, email, birth year, and other data you provide during application or interview.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest.

Representing partners or suppliers:

  • Purpose and description: We process your information if you represent an employer in contact with Tissla AB.

  • Personal data: Name, phone number, address, email.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest in fulfilling commitments towards your employer.

Customer outreach:

  • Purpose and description: We process your information as a potential customer for our services.

  • Personal data: Name, phone number, email address, title.

  • Legal basis: Legitimate interest in marketing and selling our tools and services.

Transfers to third countries

The company endeavors not to transfer data to entities outside the EU/EEA. If such a need arises, appropriate safeguards will be implemented to protect personal data in line with applicable data protection laws.

Cookie policy

Enhancing Your Browsing Experience

At Tissla AB, we are dedicated to optimizing your browsing experience through the use of cookies on our website


Small and effective

Cookies, in the form of small text files, are stored on your device during website visits. They efficiently facilitate website functionality and supply pertinent information to website administrators. By storing language preferences and other settings, cookies ensure convenience in your future visits. Furthermore, cookies empower us to discern between users, contributing to a refined browsing journey.

Types of cookies

Tissla's website employs two types of cookies – permanent and session cookies. While permanent cookies linger on your device for a specified duration, session cookies are transient, vanishing when you close your browser.

Our use of cookies

Our cookies are designed to simplify website interaction and customize your encounter. However, the information collected via cookies does not contain personal details. It aids us in comprehending visitor behavior patterns concerning our web services. It's important to note that our databases do not retain IP addresses, ensuring that collected data cannot be linked to your identity.

Sharing and deleting cookies

Personalized management

Managing and removing cookies can be executed through your browser settings. This process varies among different browsers. For comprehensive instructions, refer to your browser's help function or visit

Our respect for your privacy

Your privacy matters. Respecting your privacy is paramount at Tissla. We employ device identifiers to customize content, ads, and analytics. These identifiers are shared with social media partners and analysis companies. It's important to acknowledge that cookies enhance your user experience. By law, storing essential cookies on your device for website operation is permissible. However, for all other purposes, your consent is required.

Should you have any inquiries or concerns regarding your consent or personal data, please provide your consent ID and the date of your inquiry.

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